Me and my younger brother and two older brothers had just gotten a new game for our Nintendo Wii, called Sega Superstar's tennis, me and my younger brother Kyle were the first ones to try it, and we were both fond of the new game. On the main screen we selected Tournaments and then Two player, we both turned on our wii remotes and began to play. On the character select screen there were already 8 characters unlocked: Sonic, Amigo, Knights, and a few others. I chose Knights, from a game that I wasn't too sure of, and my brother chose his character, Tails, from the Sonic the hedgehog franchise. The game started up and the first match began, and the two of us swung our wii remotes back and forth happily like tennis rackets to hit the ball back. But things began to feel off when Tails flew up into the air using his two tails as a helicopter, he froze, completely still, as the ball went past him, and my brother raged about it. I tried to tell him it was probably just a small glitch, but he wouldn't listen, and the game went on. Again and again, Tails would always freeze everytime he flew up into the air to speed up and hit the ball back. My little brother got so frustrated, that he quit the game and we cast it aside for 2 years.

Now up to this day, we still have no idea if it was either a programming glitch, the fact that the game was just new, or there was something dark in the game beyond seeing in the graphics of the seemingly happy and harmless game. After the years past, I finally got the game out again, and since I had gotten back into the Sonic series, I selected Tails and whenever he would fly in the air, his animation worked perfectly, and I could hit the ball back like normal. My little brother never got back to playing the game after playing as the glitched Tails, but Tails has been working perfectly since I began playing it again, and I suppose there will never be an answer to the so-called "glitch" we had encountered on that day.